Coaching & consultation
A support in achieving the full potential of your human resources


- Coaching -

We offer a coaching and support service for your Human Resources Department. Often, we are only missing someone to bounce idea in order to better our self-confidence and validate the validity of our idea, decisions or plan.

The best coach is the one who can create rational that lead to good decision. The coaching aim at improving social skill and know how, as a personal development or carer perspective. Your Human resources professional need support or to better his knowledge or ability. We will be happy to contribute.

- Consultation -

One of the key roles for a human resources department is to empower managers in the daily management of their employees. An HR consultant should have the same responsibility to transfer knowledge to his customers in order for them to obtain a long term benefit from these changes and grow their employees and the organizations that have benefited from his presence and expertise.

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The HR consultants at JBA Consulting Services are members of the Association of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)