Negotiation of a collective agreement for the good of your labor relations.

- Negotiation - A clear process in six points that will guide you to success with your negotiation.

1. Reflection on your collective agreement.

Are the provisions of your agreement inconsistent with your business objectives? Do they make sense? Do you always have issues with the same articles?

2. Preparation of the negotiation mandate, definition of your goals.

What is it, you want to accomplish? Are your negotiation goals aligned with your business objectives? What are the economic impacts? What is it that your competitors are paying?

3. Establishment of the Negotiating Committee.

Who will participate in the negotiations? Do we seek competencies or do we want to develop collaborators?

4. Communication Plan.

What to communicate, to whom and when during the process?

5. Schedule definition

Quelles sont vos dates butoirs ? Combien de temps et d’efforts voulez-vous consacrer à vos négociations ?

6. Negotiation and conclusion of a new collective agreement.

How to evaluate the Union demands? What are the breaking points? How to submit your demands? Your final offer? When is it time to close the discussion? How to handle the vote?

The collective agreement negotiation

Some argue that a collective agreement negotiation is an art that demands managing emotions and the ability to persuade. At JBA Consulting Services, we believe that in the renewal of a collective agreement, there are many more points of common interest that there are points of disagreement; that the art of negotiation must be based on a structured and measurable process with well-defined success targets and milestones. We also believe that the ability to convince relies under the ability to integrate the objectives of the parties in a cohesive process that will ensure the long term success of all participants and of the company.

This is why our Human Resources Advisors promote a structured negotiation, clear mandates, defined milestone, a realistic schedule with an establish closing date.

convention collective

- Labor Relations - Assessment and recommendations of stable, constructive and productive labor relations.

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