Ressources humaines

Our Mission
Promote an optimal renewal
of your collective agreement
focused on your business needs.

Labor Relations - Human Resources

Relation travail

Labour Relations
Formulation of strategies
based on success and growth
of your organization

Negotiation & Grievances resolution

Ressources humaines

Personalized Services
Solutions tailored to
your business needs

Coaching - Consultation

relations de travail

An extensive knowledge based
on human values aimed towards
organizational effectiveness

HR Services Restructuration

Why choosing J.B.A. ?


With more than thirty years of experience in human resources management and collective agreement negotiations.

Personalized Services

We become an integrated part of your team and we assure a proper knowledge transfer to your employees.

Integrity and efficiency

A transparent invoicing service with a flexible contract structure and possible revocability.


Satisfied clients and mandates completed on time and within set parameters.

- Services -

  • The collective agreement negotiation

    A long term vision of your collective agreement renewal taking into account peculiarities of your business, your labour pool and the competitiveness of your markets.

  • Grievance and Dispute Resolution

    Structured process and discussions with your Union, based on real life situations and challenges to be addressed.

  • Personal Coaching

    In order to improve your working relationships, we prompt a thinking process that lead to good decisions, expanding the know-how and encouraging right behaviors of your human resources manager.

  • Labour relations Management

    The health of your labour relations is at the heart of a comprehensive management practices. With JBA, you'll have clear answers, which are based on your collective agreement and applicable law, as opposed to simple personal feelings.

  • HR Services Restructuration

    Creation of an autonomous human resources department, focusing on the needs of the business and aiming at financial efficiency.

  • Governance

    Generate a participative vision of human resources at your Board of Director? We can help you with that.

Our working method

  • Get to know your expectations and adhere to them
  • Assess your markets and your competitors
  • Propose additional feasible and cost-effective alternatives
  • Deliver a plan
  • Work closely with your team
  • Communicate regularly the progress of your project
  • Complete your project and transfer necessary knowledge and competencies
Meet us at your offices for a first discussion, free of charge or obligations of any kind and you will be able to see how we can meet your human resources needs and work with your management team.

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The HR consultants at JBA Consulting Services are members of the Association of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)