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M. Alain Larocque

An experienced Manager, fluent in three languages, he holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Relations from the University de Montreal. His other credentials include a Certificate in Health and Safety, from the University de Montreal and a University Certification for Corporate Directors from Laval University. Alain Larocque has over 30 years of experience in human resources management at the national and international level.

He was responsible for establishing and for the reorganization of several Human Resources services. His experience spans several important aspects of HR such as: staffing, succession planning, compensation, group pension, group insurance, and health & safety at work. He was also responsible for the creation and implementation of management policies. He has served on the Board of Directors of Apatisiwin and participated in several subcommittees for Boards of Directors.

His specialty field is labour relations; In addition to the resolution of grievances and dispute to which he and his team have provided unique solutions. He has ability to conduct negotiations and avoid potential conflicts and frictions. He led with success the negotiation of a significant number of collective agreements in different industrial and service sectors.


- Who are we? -

Founded in 2011, J.B.A. Services Conseils focuses on collective agreements negotiations, labour relations and coaching for Human Resources Managers. We offer other HR services such as Staffing, Succession Planning, replacement of Human Resources Executives or the assessment of employee benefit programs. We work with other professionals or self-employed RH Specialist in order to offer quality solutions for the various circumstances encountered by our Clients.

When the company was created, the founder reviewed the approach of the company's consulting practices by limiting the number of clients for which they would accept in order to allow a better involvement in each of them. In addition, he wished to ensure effective knowledge transfer, in order to promote the autonomy of clients and ensure the sustainability of newly established processes. Our human resources advisors will satisfy your highest demands.

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A team that listen to your HR needs

For each negotiation mandate, a human resources Advisor will help you compare the working conditions offered to your employees at what is proposed by your competitors as well as throughout the industry in which you operate.

About labour relations, we seek advantageous solutions that avoid as much as possible, to show up in arbitration and let a third party decide for the company.

Whatever it is for negotiation or labour relations, the customer remains the decision owner of the directions to be taken. The role of a human resources Advisor will be to go along with you to an optimal solution for your HR and your organization.



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The HR consultants at JBA Consulting Services are members of the Association of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)